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When Lynne Hansen was young, her older brother delighted in scaring her. He would hide behind doors and jump out at her. He would tell her horrible stories that had her covering her neck from the vampires and checking under the bed for the Boogey Man.

Now it's her turn to scare people. Lynne Hansen lives in Tampa, Florida with her cat Pandora who is terrified of everything, and her husband and fellow author Jeff Strand who puts up with both of them.

Lynne is also the founder of the Children's E-book Promotion Network, a cooperative for published young adult and children's authors promoting their work on the web. Visit their website - eBook Promo for more information. In addition to her own web site, Lynne maintains her teen-friendly Heritage of Horror.



After their older brother dies in one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War, sixteen-year-old twins Molly and Jacob Gray discover a way to bring him back to life. The initial side effects (including a marauding zombie arm) seem to disappear in a couple of days, so when Molly's boyfriend is run over by a wagon, they decide to resurrect him as well. Only too late do they find out that they have turned the two people they love the most into the living dead.

This young adult historical horror novel is book one in the Heritage of Horror series from Hard Shell Word Factory. Future books in the series include MOONSHADOW (werewolves in 1870's frontier Kansas) and SWAMP SECRETS (bigfoot hunters in 1820's Florida.)


"This book is for older children, though I wouldn't recommend it to any that are easily frightened. [THE RETURN] is one I think will keep any teen riveted to the end."--Sime-Gen Book Reviews

"This is a wonderfully scary book. A good spine tingling, toe-curling story with lots of information thrown in about how people lived during the Revolutionary War and how horrible war can be."--Scribes World Reviews

"Lynne Hansen's young adult mystery, THE RETURN, is riveting. I read it straight through, unable to put it down. It starts out like a typical but appealing Revolutionary War story with a family being torn apart by the strife of battle and progresses to an Edgar Allen Poe type tale with zombies and a bodiless arm terrifying people. If you like to be scared witless and mystified by unpredictable story twists, you'll love THE RETURN. This author knows her craft, and adults as well as teens will be drawn into her web of suspense and terror."--Betty Jo Schuler, EPPIE 2000 Finalist for Best Young Adult Novel.


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