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Putzmann's Destiny


Putzmann's Destiny

Tim Wright

(read more about Wright and his award-winning work in the Florida Author's pages)

Southwestern Germany is the setting for PUTZMANNíS DESTINY, Wright's romantic comedy about a Berlin investment banker who loses 50 million of the bankís money in the S&L scandal of 1991. Arrogant and bumbling Harald Putzmann finds himself starting over again on an inherited farm in Kummelsdorf, a flyspeck of a town near the county seat of Goeppinggen. Imagine dropping a fancy Manhattan banker into the middle of the Cumberland Gap, and you get the idea. Putzmann transforms from citified jerk to farmer and pillar of the community, usually learning the hard way.

This is not an evening read - over 170 thousand words, 676 pages of perfect-bound book - but entertaining every page!


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Putzmann's Destiny  (ISBN 1-879043-14-9) - 676 Pages


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