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Articles on famous authors, and authors who will become famous, all with some kind of a South Florida connection, ever how tenuous.

If you are a published author (becoming or already famous), contact the editor for instructions on sending your bio info, image of the cover and a synopsis of your latest book or other interesting literary event (finally found your computer under all the stuff on your desk, etc.) 

bulletA famous face, a tantalizing mystery;
bulletDo you have anything in your past that haunts you?
bulletTake a journey to meet Magnolia's  best friends, her schooldays, her first date, and her experience of dealing with peer pressure, smoking, and a stepfather.
bulletAction - adventure - intrigue - around the world and in Florida;
bulletThe South Florida that You Can Really See;
bulletIs the Boogey Man under your bed?
bulletA View of the Jersey Shore unlike the boardwalks I trod as a young G. I. stationed at Fort Monmouth;
bulletScary-funny? Funny-Scary? All one in the same;
bulletFrom Tampa to Goeppingen, Deutschmarks or beets, an elvish romance of comedic proportions.


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